Money Recovery Suit: How Can A Lawyer Give Assistance To File

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Money Recovery Suit

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What Does A Money Recovery Suit Entail?

An efficient and effective method for recouping a debt from the debtor is to file a suit for money recovery. Suing a money defaulter is the civil remedy for money recovery. It refers to bringing a lawsuit before a court with appropriate jurisdiction.
According to Order IV of the 1908 Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), the suit may be filed. The “Suit for Recovery of Money Under CPC” simplifies order 37 of the Code of Civil Procedure’s legal requirements and aspects. Summary suits are a shorter version of the standard adjudication process. 1908 Code of Civil Procedure, Order 37.

Limitation Period

A suit for money recovery must be filed within three years of the onset of the cause of action. However, the court’s discretion may also allow for its acceptance.

Where To File Money Recovery Suit?

 The place or location of your money defaulter and the maximum amount of money over which a court can have power determine the jurisdiction for filing a money recovery case.


  1. Territorial Jurisdiction

When deciding where to file a case, the most crucial consideration is whether the court has territorial jurisdiction over the person.

The geographical boundaries of a court’s authority are clearly delineated and specified under this type of jurisdiction. It cannot exercise authority beyond that geographical and territorial boundary.

A suit may be filed at any of the following territorial jurisdictions, per CPC 1908:

  • The location of the defendant, or money defaulter.
  • The location where the defendant operates a business or earns a living.
  • The location of the complete or partial genesis of the action.


  1. Jurisdiction Pecuniary

  • It’s all about jurisdiction over territory, but we also need to think about jurisdiction over money. like the district court, the high court, or the supreme court, where the case should be filed.
  • Jurisdiction Pecuniary refers to something “concerns to money.” Pecuniary jurisdiction tries to determine whether a court of law can decide whether a case or suit has a monetary value or amount.
  • The pecuniary value— It determines with the amount of money you are dealing with. The case for money recovery can be filed based on the amount of money.
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Procedure of Filing Money Recovery Suit

According to India’s constitution, the debtor may be subject to legal action.

  • To begin, you will need to send the debtor a notice detailing the amount he must pay. Your personal information—name, description, and place of residence—as well as information about the reason must be included in the notice. However, with experienced advocates like NVK Law Firm Civil Lawyers, you need not be concerned about that.
  • You can file a lawsuit against the debtor if they do not respond to your notice. The following is a discussion of each of these sections and acts (money recovery acts), which pertain to issues pertaining to money recovery in India. There are numerous options available for recovering money from the defaulter.

Looking For Money Recovery Suit In Bangalore?

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How Does NVK Law Firm Handle Money Recovery Lawsuits?

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Our advocates and legal advisors have the deepest understanding and expertise in this field, particularly with regard to particular laws that are utilized in money recovery cases. Therefore, if you have already made up your mind to hire a lawyer and are in need of any kind of representation, you can use NVK Law Firm, one of the best law firms in the country with representatives specifically trained to handle recovery cases.

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