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Child Custody

Child Custody, the guardianship of a child after the separation of the parents is a burning issue. frequently pictures and books have quoted the volume of trauma that a child has to go through to see the bitter process of their parents breaking up. The issue of the guardianship of a child arises after the completion of the divorce or the judicial bifurcation and is one of the most consequential issues on which the court must determine.

Guardianship of a child refers to the right given to a parent by the court to look after the child( if the child is lower than 18 years of age). The parent in whom the custodial right is vested is supposed to look after the fiscal security, conservation of the child regarding proper life, healthcare, emotional, physical and medical development. The different figure is given the proper to get admission to to live in touch. The family courts while arguing on the issue of guardianship, base their decision on the best interests of the child in question.

Rights Of Divorced Parents on Minor Child

The guardianship of the child is given to any one parent at a time grounded on the former factors mentioned over. The other parent is granted for the right to have contact with the child. The proper to get right of entry to is a mighty proper with in the hand of the alternative discern as it makes positive that the discern with the custodial proper really looks after the child. The conditions of the visiting rights are still set by the court. The condition of the access rights ensures that the child gets the love and attachment of both the parents.

In the case of a minor child, each the dad and mom have same rights over the kid after divorce. Then, equal right refers to the right to the guardianship of the child. still, the family court gets the last say in this regard. The central work of legislation having provisions to address the issue is the Guardian and Ward Act, legislated in 1890 which is primarily temporal in nature. still, the vittles of this Act are frequently in stark discrepancy to the vittles of the bills dealing with particular laws. The oversight of the own circle of relative’s courtroom docket is crucial on this regard due to the fact at the same time as announcing its verdict, the courtroom docket objectives to strike a stability among the two.

How A Lawyer Can Help In Child Custody Process?

The lawyers can represent their clients in court and negotiate with the other parent’s lawyer to ensure that their client’s interests are protected. Because the guardianship of a child remains one of the most sensitive and sophisticated issues caused due to the separation proceedings of the parents. The guardianship, as seen, is guided substantially by the middle ground established by the judges on this regard. There has been a pronounced contestation between the varied religious laws and the invariant legislation legislated by the State. still, the contestation regarding the colorful shoes of law should not compromise the future of the child. While resolving varied pieces of legislation, it should be flashed back that the well-being of the child along with assured social protection is the high motive behind the guardianship of a kid. Hence, any interference caused by law in this front should be addressed to and remedied. With the help of a child custody lawyer, parents can increase their chances of obtaining custody of their child.

Child Custody Lawyer
Factors Which Contribute To The Weal Of A Child:

The family courts when handing over the custodial rights to one of the parents, the decision is grounded on the attempt to assure the stylish possible future of the child in question.

  • The question of weal is decided on four distinct parameters; they are.
  • Proper ethical parenting of the child in question.
  • Assurance of safety of the child.
  • Conducting quality education.
  • The guardian who is going to take custody should be financially capable.
Types Of Child Guardianship In India
Forms Of Child Guardianship Available In India

Physical Guardianship

When a parent is awarded a decree of physical guardianship, it means that the child will be under the custodianship of the parent and the other parent shall be given due authorization so that they can meet with the child from time to time. This form of guardianship is the most current system to ensure that the child gets all the benefits of family and has the stylish parenting possible. The terrain around the child is made fulfilling and perfecting while trying to not deprive the child of affection of his parents during his constructive times.

Common Guardianship

In cases of common guardianship, the guardianship rights are vested in both the parents allowing them to keep the child in turns. common guardianship, negative to the common belief, doesn’t mean that the promised couple still have to partake the same roof indeed after the courts have ratified their divorce. The common guardianship happens to be one of the stylish results in the guardianship battle primarily because of two reasons. First and most important is the truth that no determine feels deprived. No matter the term, guardianship rights cannot be compared with access rights. Hence, the entitlement of common guardianship rights ensures that both the parents play a significant part in the growth of the child’s life. The alternate advantage of a common guardianship is that the child gets the affection of both the parents inversely. No matter the arrangements, the child who has gone through the separation of his or her parents is left with a cerebral scar. This arrangement allows the child to admit the attention of both his parents inversely.

Third Party Guardianship

As the name suggests, the custodial right lies with neither of the natural parents. This is because the court deems that both the parents are unable of raising a child and to let anyone of them have the rights of the child would not be salutary for the child. A third party who’s in some way related to the parents is given the right to be the guardian of the child.

Sole Guardianship

In case of sole guardianship, the entire right regarding the guardianship of the child relies on one natural parent. The other parent is fully kept down and isn’t given any right over the child due to former history of bad behavior or are unable of being salutary to the child in some fashion.

Determination Of The Kind Of Guardianship To Be Granted.

Until the court pronounces a final order grounded on the below quested conditions, the parent who’s vested with the guardianship of the child ends up with the physical guardianship as well as the legal guardianship of the child. Any other form of guardianship or any other arrangement will be made clear by the court and the explanation shall be informed to both the parents.

Guardianship Acts In India.

India being the different people from different practices, have own way of individual laws to deal with the issues arising out of society. In certain conditions, the central legislations are occasionally in improves difference with the laws.


Child Custody Rights By Hindu law

  • Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
  • Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  • Special Marriage Act, 1954
  • Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 – Section 26
  • Special Marriage Act, 1954 – Section 38


By Muslim law

As per Muslim Law child rests with the mother till 7 years after that father is the custody person.

By Christian Law

Section 41 of the Divorce Act, 1869.

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