Mutual Divorce Process: What You Need to Know

If you and your spouse are considering a mutual divorce, you may have questions about the process. An experienced mutual divorce lawyer can help make things go more smoothly. See the List Of Document for mutual divorce can help make things go more smoothly.

Mutual Divorce Process

Mutual divorce process in which the spouses mutually agree to end their marriage. This type of divorce is more common than either one spouse wanting a divorce or even one spouse filing for divorce. In fact, about 70 percent of divorces in the United States are mutual divorces.

In a mutual divorce, both spouses agree to end their marriage and file for divorce simultaneously. The couple can’t be separated for more than six months before filing for divorce, and they must demonstrate that they have tried to work out their differences before seeking a legal separation.

Mutual Divorce Filing Process:

Joint petition filing Both parties fill and sign in joint petition for divorce along with proper documents by mutual agree.

Court Appearance: Once submitted to the court, court will give the date to appear on a specified date. So both parties have to appear in the court.

Petition examination by the court: Court will review and scrutinizes the divorce petition and submitted documents, if all looks good, court will initiates to statement recording.

Recording the statement: Court team will record the both parties statement on the divorce and orders for first motion.

First motion and Second motion: Court gives 6 month duration for first motion, after the period of 6 months, still both parties not changed their opinion and the both parties apply for second motion, court will gives 6 to 18 months to utilize and change the decision.

Final Decision by Court: If the both parties are not ready to withdraw divorce petition and ready to end their relationship court will decide and grants the divorce legally to both parties.

Conditions to Meet for applying Mutual Divorce:

  • The marriage should be completed minimum 6 months.
  • Both parties should lived separately minimum 1 year calendar period.
  • Both parties should completed First and second motion.
  • Both parties should have same stand on divorce till court granting the divorce.
Mutual Divorce Process

Mutual Divorce Documents

Document for Mutual Divorce

  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Both Husband and Wife Address Proofs
  • Marriage Photographs 4
  • 3 years Income tax Statement
  • Both Parties Professional Details and Income details
  • Property and Asset (owned) Details
  • Full Family Details of both parties
  • Proof for Staying separately for a year
  • Proof for the failed attempts at reconciliation
How A Mutual Divorce Lawyer Will Help You During Divorce Process?
  • Mutual divorces are relatively rare because they require two people who want to end their relationship to be able to handle the emotional stress associated with making such an agreement. There are many benefits to having a divorce lawyer help with your mutual divorce.
  • A family lawyer or divorce lawyer can help you draft and execute an agreement that protects your rights as well as those of your children and other family members.
  • An divorce advocate will be able to guide you through the process of preparing for hearings, negotiating settlements and drafting paperwork that will support any financial claims you may have.
  • A divorce lawyer can also provide legal advice on issues such as property division, child custody and visitation rights.
Mutual Divorce Time Period
No Waiting In Mutual Consent Divorce?
How Long Does Mutual Divorce Takes To Complete?

If you are worried about how long it takes to get mutual divorce, nobody will give exact duration details, because it depends on the both parties coordination with divorce lawyer during the detailing, providing proper reasons during court recording statement, mutual understanding of financial, assets distribution and child adoption, proper submission of documents and other proofs. If everything is good and goes in a proper way, mutual divorce time period may takes minimum 8 months to 1 year.

Looking For How To Apply Mutual Divorce In Bangalore?

Consult Mutual Divorce Lawyer
Why To Choose Naksha Law Firm For Mutual Divorce Process?

Our law firm mutual divorce lawyer specialized in divorce can provide valuable assistance to those seeking a mutual divorce. Naksha law firm lawyers can guide clients through the process of filing for divorce, preparing the necessary paperwork, and negotiating the terms of the divorce settlement. They can provide legal advice and represent clients in court if necessary. Additionally, a divorce lawyer from the law firm can help mediate discussions between the divorcing parties, ensuring that both parties are able to express their needs and concerns. With their knowledge and experience, and help their client achieve a smooth and efficient mutual divorce.

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