Property Registration In Bangalore

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Property Registration In Bangalore

Property Registration In Bangalore, the best feeling ever is to possess a house of your own, an area that you just will decision home. once managing one thing thus necessary it becomes crucial to understand the conditions of shopping for a home. Registration of property is one in every of the foremost very important processes once getting a house or property. Property registration could be a legal matter, and you must invariably try and rent an expert to avoid any error in technicalities.

Property registration is that the complete and final document or agreement that's signed by the 2 parties concerned within the deal of property. the vendor and therefore the client square measure concerned within the method of registration of the property. If a property is registered, meaning that the customer holds the legal possession of that property, which person is liable for the property. the method of property registration is completed within the sub-registrar workplace. The property registration document could be a complete and final agreement that's signed between 2 parties. Registration of property in India is regulated by the Registration Act, 1908.

Process of Property Registration

The following steps are involved in the registration process:

  • The first step is to visit the nearest Registration office with all documents, including RERA form, proof of identity, PAN card and address proof.
  • The second step is to submit all these documents and pay the fee for registration.
  • The third step is to get an acknowledgement receipt from the office for payment.
  • The fourth step is to get a layout plan approved by BBMP (Bangalore Metropolitan Planning).
  • The fifth step is to submit all these documents at an Registration office along with an application form and two copies of layout plan approval by BBMP.
  • property registration in Bangalore

    You have to go to the sub-registrar’s workplace below which jurisdiction the property is located. A registration file wishes to be signed with the aid of using the seller and the purchaser at the presence of two witnesses. Then, after you have to pay the registration fee’s and stamp duty. After all the process is done, you will get the registration document from the sub-registrar, generally it takes time to get the document. Eventually, the time is given by the sub-registrar.

    Documents Required For Property Registration In Bangalore

    • Absolute sale deed
    • All title documents
    • Katha certificate and extract
    • Latest tax receipts
    • Encumbrance Certificate
    • Sale Agreement
    • Building Plan (Sanctioned)
    • Possession or occupancy certificate
    • Joint development agreement
    • GPA
    • Sharing / supplementary Agreement (between land owner and builder)
    • Copy of all registered previous agreements (in case of re-sale property)
    • Records of Rights and Tenancy Corps or RTC extract
    • Conversion Order
    • Copy of Registered development agreement (If it’s a Joint Development Property)
    • Power of attorney/s if any
    Documents Required For Property Registration In Bangalore

    It is extremely necessary to register your property as while not this document you’ll lose possession of your property. there’s no legal validity of an unregistered property. although you’ve bought the property and have all the opposite documents if you don’t have the registration documents than anyone will raise a legal dispute over that property. Registering a property legalizes that you just have complete and valid possession of the property, and it provides you with the title of possession of the property. An unregistered property can’t be accepted as proof in any proceedings.

    How A Property Lawyer Will Assist During Property Registration In Bangalore?

    Due to the high demand for properties in Bangalore, the number of property registration services has increased by a great deal. It is important to choose the right service provider to file your property in Bangalore. There are legal experts who are skilled and experienced in the required areas and provide their services in property registration in Bangalore. A property lawyer is the one who is specialized in the field of law and offers his services in property registration in Bangalore. He is a legal expert and the lawyer is experienced in different kinds of laws, especially the laws related to property. He has a sound knowledge of deeds, contracts, law, and other legal issues to avoid the rejection of property registration by the registrar.

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